I’m Lukas, I live in Berlin and I can animate things.

I studied design at Muthesius School of Fine Arts in Kiel (B.A., 2011) and at University of Applied Sciences Potsdam (M.A., 2014) with a focus on the use of typography and animations in spatial installations. You can find both my thesis projects on this site. I’m a motion-designer with a strong interest in typography and graphical animations, mostly 2D. I do character animations as well, also a bit of 3D if you like. So basically anything moving image.

I’m really interested in spatial solutions for my animations, I love projectionmapping and I like to explore what happens when the standard 16:9 video is released from it’s frame and projected into space. On the side I also do a little bit of teaching.

I’ve been working on various small and bigger projects for small or bigger clients since 2011. I have a selection of my work online. Feel free to check it out!

I’m always happy about meeting new people and discovering new things! If you have an interesting project coming up, get in touch and let’s see where we can collaborate!