Lukas von Bülow Dussmann Mapping Installation

Dussmann das KulturKaufhaus is celebrating the »Beethoven anniversary year 2020« with a special section in their sale spaces. As an addition to their sale displays we were asked to design a wall with somewhat of an abstract installation to supplement the section.

Lukas von Bülow Dussmann Mapping Installation
Lukas von Bülow BTHVN Dussmann Mapping Installation

We concentrated on Beethovens way of working and looked into the drafts of his compositions. The occasional chaotic appearance of his notebooks shows meticulous iterations of even the smallest motifs and details, discarded, recycled and recomposed over and over again.

This was our aesthetic leitmotif for the installation: We chose a projection canvas that reminds of a bunch of pages thrown into space completed with animations that write music in different ways onto the screens. A few additional Beethoven quotes as well as the client’s claims are also woven in the installation.

Lukas von Bülow Dussmann Mapping Installation

Creative Direction & Production: