This is a prototype for an exhibition concept I created for the former Olympic Village in Elstal, close to Berlin. 

The exhibition is installed in the ruins of the former Olympic swimming pool and is solely based on video projections.

I wanted to work minimally invasive so I chose this form in order to keep the  original structure of the building visible. The only element used here is the projected light on the empty walls.

After WWII the Olympic Village of 1936 served as barracks for the the Red Army and was left empty in the early 90s. 

Years later DKB Stiftung established an open-air museum and is giving guided tours on the premise. 

I wanted to give an addition to their exhibition content by concentrating on the emotional side and contradictory discussions before, during and after the Olympic Games 1936 in Nazi Germany.

I chose only to work with quotes of visitors, athletes, politicians and others, some personal information on selected athletes or some headlines and information from newspapers.

By this arrangements of mostly personal stories I try to shed light on all the different points of views and impressions that were related to the Olympic Games 1936.